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SACMI is an International Group world leader in machines for Ceramics, Packaging (Beverage e Closures&Containers), Food, Inspection Systems and Services, through the application of innovative technologies, the strong market position in the world economy and the continuous search of high quality standards and customer service.
The Group follows an Ethics Code which represents the formalization of the core of those principles of conduct and values, already rooted in the Sacmi corporate culture, which is complying and must continue to comply with the internal and external activities of all Group companies .
Investments in research at the highest levels, vigorously promoting technological innovation and great attention to quality services and products offered, effective responses to actual needs of world markets, extreme flexibility to build on technological synergies and operational integration in different sectors, these, in summary are the trump cards that have enabled the Sacmi Group to enter the elite international plant engineering industry, in key sectors of the economy.

Continuous investments in research at the highest level, the greatest determination to follow technological innovation, strong attention on quality products and services, effective replies to the needs of world markets, technological synergies and operational integration used with extreme flexibility in different sectors: these are the elements that have enabled the Sacmi Group to obtain and maintain international leadership in key sectors of plant engineering. At the Group's core business - the design and manufacture of machinery and equipment for the ceramic industry - Sacmi has gradually joined new businesses.
Today there are five operating divisions that bring together subsidiaries specialists and technologies in efficient organization:
• Ceramics
• Packaging (Beverage e Closures&Containers)
• Food
• Inspection systems
• Services.
The Group consists of more than 70 companies, has production installations and machines and support companies in 27 countries and employs approximately 4.175 employees. Thousands of machines installed all over the Sacmi world and the export market is  85% of total business.
An essential strategy of Sacmi is its  Global Network: a range of companies located in different continents, directly in export markets, able to provide customers with a fast and efficient service, an essential completion to the quality of the product for an international leader.


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